The Goddess is my Webmaster
"The Goddess is My Webmaster"
C y b e r P s a l m
Copyright by Phoenix & Arabeth
(With NO apologies to King David...)
The Goddess is my Webmaster, my links shall not break;
She maketh me to log in with vivid screen rasters;
She allureth me with Coolsites beyond the great waters;
She refresheth my page and restoreth my password.
She leadeth me in the paths of electro-surf,
For her ultimate URL's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the silicon browsers,
I shall fear no error message;
For Thy glowing JPEGs art with me.
Thy code and Thy scripts, they load and they comfort me.
Thy access privileges watch over me.
Thou interlaceth a gif before me
In the presence of mine mouse and mine gopher,
Thou anointest my windows with Hotlinks;
My bookmarks runneth over.
Though sysops and admins may try to censor me
All the days and nights of my cyberlife,
I will dwell upon the sweet supreme Server of my Goddess forever and ever